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Young, gifted and black, he is no stranger to an adversary. A proud Baltimore native, Darrin Ryan Smith is joining the ranks of movers and shakers as the first Deaf Democratic candidate to run for an office in the state of Maryland. Paving the way for the Deaf community into the world of politics, Smith aims to turn dreams into reality through unified bridged communities; with hopes to stamp them into positive changes. Representing District 4, it all starts with its’ citizens.

A year shy of joining the big 3-0 club, twenty-nine-years old Smith hails from a large, loving family. Born hearing to parents from Maryland and Germany, he became Deaf at a very young age for unknown medical reasons. The roots of his family go way beyond the lines of Baltimore, all the way to Georgia. Two of his grandparents boast of Frederick as their stomping grounds. In addition to cherishing heritage, Smith takes pride in being Deaf. On being Deaf he says, “I have made it a trait that I am very proud of because it is a cultural part of me.”

After graduating with

a Bachelors of Arts degree in History from University of Maryland University College, Smith continued his studies at the University of Baltimore. Pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration, he aims to obtain a law degree and a Masters’ in education. Employed by the Department of Human Services, giving back to the community as a public servant is one of his biggest objectives. Because of his belief in the citizens, his perception of the value of their voices is priceless.

Community activism is one of the most important highlights of Smith’s reinvestment into his roots. In 2017, with the help of a small group of community leaders, Smith co-founded the Baltimore Black Deaf Advocates (BBDA). Serving the Black Deaf and hard of hearing residents of Baltimore and its surrounding cities, the organization is an affiliation of the National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA). After the formation of the BBDA, NBDA hosted its national conference in Baltimore. Aside from planting more seeds into the organizations for Black Deaf youths, he is also an active member of the Maryland Association of the Deaf (MDAD) and the Kent Group.

            Respect, Faith, and love for oneself and the community are three of the ingredients Smith has absorbed growing up. In addition to learning the ropes of bridging communities, stellar leaders like the Roosevelt cousins- President Theodore Roosevelt and President Franklin D. Roosevelt- have helped him shape the vision of a public service with ideologies and resources. Like these men, he believes in empowerment within the communities. Scores of other role models have taught him not only how to thrive in life, but also do good work with determination and motivation while respecting differences. By respecting differences, embracing change is not a daunting task in itself.

            Constant dialogue and engagement amongst various community stakeholders start with dreams. After the formation of dreams, the communities come together. When the communities come together, changes become inevitable. And that is how Smith plans to become the first Deaf candidate.




By the Authority of the Darrin R. Smith for Maryland Committee

Aubrey P. Moorman, Treasurer for Darrin R. Smith for Maryland


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By the Authority of the Darrin R. Smith for Maryland Committee Aubrey P. Moorman, Treasurer for Darrin R. Smith for Maryland
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