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As a state, Maryland has been in lead academically under four different administrations. Ensuring that the well being of the students and their academic experience are beneficial starts a with a collectivistic approach where we also provide support to the teachers and those working in the academic field. The existence of resources is critical as it will assist teachers in making sure their students are maintaining the academic expectations set forth for them. Although, Maryland rank into the top five in Education, there are still work that needs to be done for the state to remain as an academic example for others to follow. Students are struggling with the common core of the PARCC, dealing with expectations that may be too elevated. Smith believes that there are several actions that to happen. 


*Remove Maryland from the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) and devise standardized testing that will properly measure Maryland students for college readiness 

*Modify the standards of standardized testing so it is accessible for everyone

*Hire more teachers and provide them with the proper incentives to teach

*Establish a reimbursement program that can make teachers whole for those that pay supplies out of pocket. 

*More tax breaks for teachers and those in the academic field (K-12). 



In order for a community to succeed, members in that community must value its existence. When the value is recognized through the appropriate mechanism of governance, the community thrives. Dialogue and accountability are two key components needed to build a fruitful community. 


*Transparent Town Hall meetings

*Promote shared governance, including the community in decision-making procedures concerning their communities

*Establish committees to address issues regarding policing, economic, development, zoning, education, and many more to ensure community governance



Frederick County is a rural economy where most of the economic development is farm-based. Farmers residing in the area are innovators asserting to the necessary changes in order to remain competitive. Their biggest challenge is competing with an ever-changing economy that is more service-oriented, rather than consumer-oriented. Smith perceives the farmers as the "forgotten" people. Given that he represents one of the rural aspects of Maryland, farmers are significant to the agricultural growth and change which is crucial to the economic dynamics of Maryland.



*More incentives to hire more people without breaking the bottom lines of respective industries

*Establish a statewide program that could match private sectors' costs for expenses in regards to training


VISIONING the important causes, Smith believes that connecting with the community more would improve the relationship amongst each other. He sees this as more Main Street, being the backbone of Maryland. Valuing the importance of family, he wants to make Maryland more Family-oriented by reducing property taxes. Traffic is one of the biggest problems Marylanders face every day. Combating Traffic congestion is also something Smith would like to focus on. Lastly, if not the least, Maryland leads in education and Smith intends to make sure it stays that way. 


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By the Authority of the Darrin R. Smith for Maryland Committee Aubrey P. Moorman, Treasurer for Darrin R. Smith for Maryland
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